About Urmila Project Services
URMILA PROJECT SERVICES is a Division of Ardeshir B. Cursetjee & Sons Ltd., a premier company in the Maritime Sector established in 1810. Urmila as BRAND Name follows the traditions and reliability of the parent company which is nearly two centuries old.
URMILA was established in 1982 to provide specialized services in the Heavy Lift Sector. Urmila introduced the Concept of Hydraulic Trailers in India by importing the state of Art GOLDHOFER HYDRAULIC TRAILERS from Germany and today operates a fleet of 96 Goldhofer axles' line and 24 axles' line of Tratec, 17 Prime Movers, 6 Barges, 4 Tugs in addition to Ancillary equipment required for undertaking Heavy lift operations.
URMILA is focused on understanding the Clients requirements and meeting them with Innovative and Cost effective solutions. This approach has been our Hallmark and continually appreciated by the Clients.
URMILA has an enviable LIST OF CLIENTS both indigenous and Foreign who have appreciated Urmila's professional approach and the dedicated team of experts who are on its pay role.
URMILA has in-house expertise to undertake various aspects of the Heavy Lift projects and over the last 27 years has build up comprehensive systems/ procedures for undertaking difficult and challenging projects. Urmila is ISO certified company and has put tremendous value on SAFETY /HEALTH I ENVIRONMENT for undertaking Heavy lift operations. It has managed to maintain a ZERO level in the Accident Occurrence. Our Supervisory staff and operation crew are regularly trained in SAFETY PROCEEDURES which are laid down in the company's SAFETY MANUAL.
URMILA has traditionally maintained a very high level of SAFETY STANDARDS while undertaking Heavy Lift Operations all over India and is ISO 9001:2000 certified company.
Human Resources
Employees are our key assets and we continually invest in their training in order to retain our competitive edge. We have created a productive environment, together with a strong sense of safety standards which form part of our training initiative.